The Price is Right

What’s your favorite game on the Price is Right? Plinko? Cliff Hangers? Golden Road? Now with over 30 games, the 2010 edition of The Price is Right has them all! Up to four players can compete from Contestant’s Row, through pricing games, the wheel, and finally the Showcase Showdown. New game modes add variety and replayability.

Features of The Price is Right® 2010 Wii™:

30 classic pricing games
Customizable avatars
Unlockable achievements and rewards
Four-player party mode
Two single-player modes (3-strikes and classic)

What people are saying:
“Awesome gaming experience! It’s actually a big improvement over the previous version as the graphics are superior and the graphs are impressive. There are also twice as many games as in the previous version so it makes it all that much more interesting. Being a veteran gamer I can totally recommend TPIR 2010 to anyone!”
– Canada //

“The 2010 Edition of Price is Right is so great! It’s a classic game and makes me incredibly nostalgic. It’s fun, easy to play, even for my parents who touched a Wii controller for the first time just a few weeks ago. My friends and i have had such a riot playing this game! The graphics are improved from the last version and the pricing games are so realistic! It the next best thing to being on the show!”
– San Francisco, CA //

“If you love the show, you will love this game. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
-Bethesda, MD //

“My kids are to young to know what the price is right is!! but this is one game as an adult I love to play – I love PLINKO!!!!”
– Nebraska //

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