Press Your Luck

No whammies! No whammies! Collect spins by answering trivia questions. Use them to win cash and prizes on the board, but watch out for the Whammy! There’s nothing worse than him swiping all your dough, but can you resist just one more spin? Featuring over 3000 questions, 50 Whammy animations, and unlockable achievements and rewards, this is the ultimate edition of Press Your Luck.

Features of Press Your Luck 2010 Wii™:

Custom avatars
Unlockable achievements
3000+ questions
50 Whammy animations

What people are saying:
“It is a fun game for me to play with all 3 of my kids ages 11, 7 and 3.”
– Gardner, MA //

“Fantastic fun! my wife and i had a blast playing it. Cant wait to play with other people. seems like the more you play it with the more fun it will be. Just the the old 80 version. The questions are rather easy and you’ll hit the whammy right when you dont want to. All in all if your a fan of the show you’ll love this game.”
– Tampa, FL //

“This game was delivered to me on time and has become one of my family favorite game to play on the weekend. This game is so like the TV version you feel as if you are on stage.”
-Chicago, IL //

“This game is great for those who grew up watching Press Your Luck and those who are new to it.”
– Texas //

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